How to make your own HGH

by Veronica Gasko

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Do you want faster work out recovery?  HGH (human Growth Hormone) has long been associated with increased muscle growth in athletes and recovery from workouts from protein synthesis. Growth Hormone does just what its name suggests.  As we grow our bodies create HGH in response for the need for growth in height and weight of our body.    Our requirements don’t end when we stop growing.  In fact; we need HGH to continue at adequate levels, though out our entire life span.  HGH is important to many functions in our body; such as the creation of muscle, bone and collagen, regulating fat burning and blood sugar levels.  Studies also suggest inadequate amounts of HGH put us at a higher risk for diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Athletes have long sought after ways to increase HGH.  Our body releases HGH naturally on a daily basis.  The best way to ensure that growth hormone levels stay high as you age is to engage in strenuous physical activity every day and to get good sleep every single night. Getting to sleep before midnight is crucial, as this helps to trigger growth hormone release.  To let your body heal as you sleep it’s essential to move through each of the six phases of sleep cycles to completely between three to ten times each night. We have a peak in HGH about an hour after we fall asleep, but approximately 50% will be produced with in the third and fourth NREM (Non-REM/Dreaming) sleep cycles. The longer we sleep, the more we produce. Consequently; if we do not sleep long enough each night we will be deficient in HGH.

How much is enough sleep? Most researchers agree 7-8 hours is optimum.  Many people run their lives in sleep debt; a term referring to long periods of inadequate sleep.  Sleep deprivation often goes unrecognized.  With out proper rest and HGH our bodies can’t repair after a strenuous work out.

We make HGH in our bodies as we sleep, but as we age we make less. As we age our sleep cycle may change, but our requirements do not.  As people age they dream less; wake more often, and have trouble returning to sleep, so they may feel more tired. The key is the number of hours and quality of your sleep. Our sleep patterns will derogate as we age, so we sleep less resulting in decreased HGH, accelerated aging and fatigue.  With out enough HGH people can age more quickly and suffer from injuries.

What if you have a disrupted sleep cycle?  The most common complaint I hear from my patients is: I’m tired.  The simplest way to feel more energy is to sleep.  First question we need to answer is: Do you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or both.  Many individuals state they can fall asleep, but they have trouble staying asleep.  They wake in the middle of the night and lay there unable to fall back to sleep until shortly before the alarm goes off.  Waking up tired in the morning and getting sleepy again mid afternoon.  Some of us have that occasional sleepless night, but for many this is chronic condition.  If you haven fallen into a poor sleep pattern; high quality supplementation may be the answer.  A combination of 5-HTP, L-Theanine, and specific B vitamins – B6, 5-MTHF and Methylocobalamin may be helpful.   During the day these nutrients will contribute to enhanced daytime performance and alertness without over stimulating.  At night they support the, creation of neurotransmitters which encourage restful sleep patterns and offer a safe way to encourage deep and refreshing sleep without side effects.  Supporting the neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine and GABA) can help you to achieve a deep refreshing sleep naturally and safely with out producing side effects or grogginess.

If your goal is to feel more vibrant, have energy, age slower and repair faster; help your body to make more of its own HGH.  The key factors are getting adequate sleep, daily exercise and a healthy diet including quality supplementation.

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